Joe Powell X-22 Snowboard Spikes

Joel Powell CEO

Originally from Southern California, Joel has lived in Las Vegas most of his life. He is the father of two great boys. The son of an athletic father, he and his brother, Jeff, have excelled in many sports for decades. Joel was first introduced to snowboarding approximately eleven years ago, when he stopped playing traveling softball and became intrigued by the talent demonstrated by snowboarders participating in the X Games. To him, it looked exciting and, shortly thereafter, when he was 32 years of age, he decided to undertake the challenge to master a new sport.

Since that time, Joel has dedicated a significant amount of his winters to being at the slopes on a snowboard. However, while still relatively a beginner, Joel broke his wrist while exiting the chair lift, when his foot slipped off the stomp pad he was using, causing his board to fly forward and him falling backwards on his wrist. After shopping around at many stores and websites, Joel was dissatisfied with the level of quality of various stomp pads. It was for these reasons that Joel undertook the task of designing and fabricating a pad that was sturdy, practical and easy to grip with your boot.

The first version of the “Spike Pad” Joel designed in 2004. Over the next several years, Joel altered the patterns, positioning of the spikes and material until he was completely satisfied with the product’s overall performance. Once satisfied, he took the next hardest step, manufacturing a product that simply did not exist. After several years of commitment, Joel is excited to introduce the “Spike Pad” that he hopes will have a positive impact on snowboarders all over the world. Joel decided to name his product a “Spike Pad” rather than a “stomp pad” not only because of the unique utilization of spikes on the product, but because a stomp pad simply does not compare to a Spike Pad in quality or design.

Now that Joel has finished the Spike Pad and introduced it to the world, Joel is moving on to improve snowboarding even more. Although at its initial stages, Joel is designing and creating a prototype of X22 snowboards, which he hopes to introduce within the next couple of years.

Although Joel has worked in various fields, including automotive, motorcycle, construction and carpentry trades, his passion has always been in fabrication. He is inspired by the arts and artistic people, and he enjoys watching any activity that involves “talent.”

He currently lives in Las Vegas with his girlfriend, daughter, and two sons.

JJP X-22 Snowboard Spikes

Jeff Powell Vice President. COO

Jeff is a native of Las Vegas, Nevada and a lifelong sporting enthusiast. He has been participating in winter sports for over 30 years.

Jeff was a construction foreman in the underground and excavation trade for 19 years until partnering with his brother Joel, who told him about this venture a few years ago. When Jeff saw the spike pad for the first time, he knew his brother had created a cutting edge invention that was destined to be a big hit with snowboarders.

Jeff has assisted Joel in all phases of the manufacturing of the spike pad and in the coming seasons, they will be out and about at many ski and snowboard resorts across the country, as well as snowboard expositions and trade shows promoting X22 products.

Jeff lives in Las Vegas with his girlfriend and is always among family and friends.

joel X-22 Snowboard Spikes

Zach Powell CTO, CCO, Web Administrator

Zach Powell is the son of founder and CEO Joel Powell. He loves and is involved in all sports, indoor and outdoor. His father first introduced him to snowboarding when he was 9 years old. He enjoys it and has fun doing it. He has grown up with his grandfather and father who are two extremely creative and open-minded people. Zach is very innovative with a mind geared towards technologhy and looks forward to assisting in the design of future spike pads and related products for the company. He considers himself very fortunate to work so closely with his father and uncle to introduce into the marketplace a product that will put a new excitement in snowboarding. He believes the spike pad is a cutting edge invention that all snowboarders will love. He loves it, and thinks that you will too.