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3063676634_fef142edf2_zAll-Metal Stomp Pads: The Next Generation of Stomp Pads


X22 Snowboarding All-Metal Stomp Pads :  St. Anton


Metal stomp pads are the next generation of snowboarding traction pads. X22 Snowboarding, who are the makers of the X22 Spike Pads, are highlighting the top snowboarding destinations in the world. Tyrol, Austria is home to St. Anton, a ski and snowboard resort located in the Tyrolean Alps. St Anton has been renowned as one of the top alpine resorts in Europe for decades. It has some of the best freeriding terrain in Austria, as well as an excellent party atmosphere. With an elevation of 2,811 meters, this resort is known for its reliable snowpack.


There are 97 lifts, including 11 gondolas, which feed 350 kilometers of marked runs. There is a good balance of easy, intermediate, and advanced terrain. St Anton has a lift capacity of 150,000 riders per hour. There is also a “Ferris Wheel” gondola, which allows boarders to load into the gondolas at ground level and then rotates them up to the primary high-speed cables above. There is a newly improved terrain park as well.


The boarding season in St. Anton runs from early December until late April. It has a 1,500 meter vertical drop, and the longest run measures out at 10.2 meters(6.3 miles). The 200 kilometers of off-piste terrain give snowboarders a massive area to shred. The world class party atmosphere and incredible freeriding terrain make St. Anton one of the best snowboarding destinations in the world.


A Better Stomp Pad :  All-Metal Stomp Pads


Go to to see the newest innovation to the snowboarding stomp pad: The X22 Spike Pad. These incredible all-metal stomp pads provide snowboarders with an unprecedented level of control and stability when getting off of the chairlift. They come in several rad designs and finishes and look awesome on any snowboard. You have never seen or used stomp pads like these before. Go to X22snowboarding to see these amazing metal stomp pads.


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