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Snowboarding In Zermatt


X22 Snowboarding, who are the makers of X22 Stomp Pads, are highlighting the top snowboarding destinations in the world. Valais, Switzerland is home to Zermatt, a ski and snowboard destination located in the shadow of the world-famous Matterhorn. It is situated in the Pennine Alps. Zermatt has 29 mountains that are over 13,000ft., and also has the largest summer snowboarding area in the Alps.


There are 33 lifts which feed 73 runs. There is a good balance of easy, intermediate, and advanced terrain. Zermatt boasts the highest ski lift in Europe, the Klein Matterhorn, which reaches 12,830ft. Zermatt also lays claim to the largest open run in Europe. There are several terrain parks as well.


Zermatt is situated among some of the most incredible scenery in the world. Zermatt has nine out of the ten highest mountains in Europe, and being at the foot of the mighty Matterhorn makes this a once in a lifetime experience for snowboarders. This resort town is renowned for its friendly local culture and its tranquil setting. Snowboarders can ride Zermatt year-round as well, making this resort one of the best snowboarding destinations in the world.


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