Stomp Pads For Snowboards 2.0 -The X22 Spike Pads

best stomp pads for snowboardsBy Jeff Powell


The Next Generation Of Stomp Pads


The newest and boldest innovations are what have always pushed the sport of snowboarding forward. X22 Snowboarding is responsible for the next great innovation to the sport by revolutionizing the stomp pad with the creation of the X22 Spike Pad. These incredible all-metal stomp pads are hand crafted in the U.S.A. and built to last. They are made from aerospace aluminum and are equipped with silver coated stainless steel spikes which give snowboarders an unprecedented level of control and stability when getting off of the chairlift.


The evolution of snowboard equipment


Since chairlifts were originally designed for skiers, snowboarders have always had a more difficult time getting off of the chairlift due to the fact that snowboarders must have one foot out of the snowboard bindings in order to be able to skate around the flats and lift lines. Stomp Pads have been the primary solution to providing traction on the snowboard when one foot is out of the binding. The stomp pad has existed for as long as the snowboard itself. The very first snowboard, the Snurfer, was made in 1965 and had two traction pads with a rope tied to the nose of the board. This early snowboard had no bindings however, which made the board hard to control. The invention of the snowboard binding is largely credited to snowboarding pioneer Jake Burton Carpenter of Burton Snowboarding in the late 1970’s, although the original bindings only secured the toes and ankles. The modern hardback binding was introduced in 1983, which allowed snowboarders to make maneuvers and ride in ways that were not possible in the early days. With each technological advancement, snowboarders were able to improve their riding skills and advance the sport further with every new innovation.


Building better stomp pads


Stomp Pads have not seen much advancement through the years, as they have generally been made from thin pieces of polyethylene, foam, rubber, or plastic. The problem with these kind of stomp pads is that after one or two runs down the hill, ice and snow accumulate on the pad which then becomes an icy little bump on the board that can become very slippery. X22 Snowboarding CEO Joel Powell experienced this very thing when he broke his wrist in two places after crashing while trying to avoid a fallen rider when getting off of the chairlift. He was using an ordinary stomp pad that iced over, which made  it essentially useless. Armed with a background in metal fabrication, Joel set about making a stomp pad that actually worked. After ten years of testing and design changes to ensure proper placement of the spikes, the X22 Spike Pads are here to move the sport of snowboarding forward yet again. The half-inch silver coated stainless steel spikes lock into the bottom of the snowboarder’s boot to provide a level of control and stability that is unmatched. The spikes serve another purpose by breaking the ice from the bottom of the boot. The Spike Pad is especially helpful for beginners, as getting off of the chairlift can be one of the most frustrating challenges of learning to snowboard.


The best stomp pads ever made


There are people who say that stomp pads are not necessary. Those people are wrong. An unexpected obstacle can always suddenly appear in the form of another fallen snowboarder or skier. It is then that a quick maneuver must be made to avoid a crash. The X22 Spike Pad gives snowboarders the confidence to make such maneuvers and maintain control of the board to remain upright. In addition to the superior functionality of the Spike Pad, they happen to look awesome too. They come in several rad designs and finishes and look awesome on any snowboard. You have never seen or used stomp pads like these before. These stomp pads were made by a snowboarder, and have been rigorously tested by snowboarders for years now. The reactions from snowboarders who have bought and used the Spike Pads have been tremendous. It is simply the best stomp pad ever made because it actually works. Go to to see the newest innovation in stomp pads: The X22 Spike Pads.

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